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Full rebranding initiative for one of North Americas largest family-operated laundromat distribution brands seeking a modern identity.


  • — Compelling logo creation.

  • — Responsive web design development.

  • — Impactful printed materials (trade shows, business cards, stationary).

  • — Cohesive iconography design.

  • — Engaging social media posts and email campaigns.

  • — Art direction for visual consistency.

  • — Planning exceptional trade show experiences.


  • — Outdated logo that didn't connect with target audience and lacked professionalism.
  • — Unresponsive website design, failing to showcase products/services.
  • — Printed materials lacking visual consistency and impact.
  • — Absence of cohesive visual language across channels.
  • — Hindered brand recognition and engagement.


  • — Senior Visual Designer, in a diverse agile team where multiple roles were designated between Creative Director, myself, two junior designers and the development team.


  • — Figma — Notion — Illustrator — After Effects — Typeform — Photoshop — Wordpress — Mailchimp — Adobe CC — Slack
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  • — To truly understand LaundryLux's goals, target audience, and competitive landscape, we conducted in-depth market research and held multiple consultations with the LaundryLux Executive team. We analyzed customer feedback, examined industry trends, and explored LaundryLux's brand positioning. This research phase allowed us to gain a deep understanding of LaundryLux's unique selling points and the key challenges faced by their target audience.

The Problem

  • How might we achieve an enhanced brand and user experience:

  • — Address user problems across touchpoints.

  • — Increase awareness of advanced solutions.

  • — Enhance equipment discovery process.

  • — Create visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

  • — Elevate customer service and support.


  • — Armed with the insights gained from our research, we embarked on the exploration phase. We began by brainstorming logo concepts that reflected LaundryLux's innovative approach and reliability. Simultaneously, we developed wireframes and prototypes for the responsive web design, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices. We also experimented with various styles, color palettes, and typography to establish a visually consistent and appealing brand identity.

Branding & Design System

  • — For a laundromat distributor like LaundryLux, an impactful brand and a well-structured design system hold immense significance. In a competitive market, a strong brand establishes trust, communicates expertise, and resonates with the target audience. A new design system ensures consistency and coherence in all visual elements, from logos to web design, printed materials to social media posts. It streamlines customer experiences, making them seamless and memorable. By strategically reimagining their branding and implementing a fresh design system, LaundryLux can effectively differentiate itself, cultivate customer loyalty, and elevate its position as a leading and trusted provider of advanced laundry solutions.
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  • — Custom iconography is a versatile tool that not only adds aesthetic value but also plays a strategic role in reinforcing the brand's values, simplifying communication, and fostering a consistent and impactful brand presence throughout the rebranding process and beyond.
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Responsive Web Design

  • — A responsive web design acts as a dynamic gateway for customers to connect with the laundromat distributor. By enhancing customer service, bolstering brand recognition, and effectively showcasing top-quality laundry equipment, a responsive website empowers the brand to excel in a digital landscape and meet the evolving expectations of its target audience.
  • — During this responsive web design project, low-fidelity wireframes established a basic layout and structure, while high-fidelity wireframes add visual details, such as color and typographic style. Animated micro interactions enhance user engagement and prove a useful resource to give to developers when implementing, and working prototypes provide an interactive experience. Collectively, these elements guided our design decisions, aided user testing, and ensured a user-friendly and visually appealing website.
  • high fidelity wireframes

    Print Collateral

    • — For Laundrylux, quality print collateral, including brochures and trade show panels, continues to play a crucial role in effective marketing. These tangible materials provide a memorable, credible, and targeted way to engage audiences, maintain brand consistency, stand out at events, and offer a complementary strategy to digital efforts. In a digital-heavy landscape, print collateral offers a less cluttered, personalized, and enduring means of communication.
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  • — After extensive exploration and refinement, we began materializing our concepts. We crafted a distinctive logo that combined LaundryLux's reliability with a modern and memorable visual representation. We developed a responsive web design that showcased LaundryLux's product offerings effectively and facilitated easy navigation. Additionally, we created engaging printed materials for trade shows, business cards, and stationary that captured the attention of potential customers.
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User Testing

  • — To ensure the effectiveness of our rebranding efforts, we conducted user testing at various stages of the process. We gathered feedback from LaundryLux's target audience, evaluating their responses to the new logo, website design, printed materials, and other brand touchpoints. Iterating based on their valuable insights allowed us to fine-tune our designs and deliver an exceptional user experience.


  • Through a comprehensive rebranding initiative, we successfully:
  • — Revitalized Laundrylux's brand identity, aligned with industry solutions.
  • — New logo design, responsive web layout, and printed materials.
  • — Cohesive iconography and engaging social media presence.
  • — Impactful email campaigns and art direction.
  • — Enhanced show planning experiences.
  • — Increased brand recognition.
  • — Improved user engagement and business performance.
  • — Positioned LaundryLux as modern, reliable, and customer-centric in the competitive market.
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